Online and Print Annual Reports for Tecan: Business Figures Always Available

W4 helms the production of the Tecan Group's print annual report since 2011. W4 approached this project by starting with the brand's story and by developing a layout and design that fits Tecan's corporate design.  

Another development was the creation of an interactive microsite and mobile app that make all previous annual reports available. The Tecan Group wants to inform its stakeholders about on-going and future developments in a timely manner. The interactive microsite presented the perfect solution to this objective. 

Bringing all this information together online or in an Android or iOS app makes them accessible worldwide. This flexible all-in-one solution gives stakeholders and clients access to information in real-time that are always up-to-date, no matter the device they use to access the information.

An undeniable advantage of publishing business figures online compare to print is the straightforward comparability of business figures on a single platform. Not only accessibility, but also the way the information is presented achieves a great user experience.

W4 realized the following things for the project:

  • photgraphy, layout and graphic design
  • developing a multi-media approach to publication development, programming and implementation of the new Teacan app
  • development of a corporate identity manual for the online and print versions of the annual report
  • production of financial report in German and English
  • proofreading in German and English
  • managing the website and app

The client

The Tecan Group Tecan is a global leader in lab equipment and solutions for the pharmaceutical industry, forensics and clinical diagnostics. The company is specialized on the development, production and sale of automation solutions for laboratories in life science research. The company has various research and development as well as production facilities in Europe and North America. Tecan maintains a sales and service network in 52 countries. 

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