Finally there is an open source marketing automation tool. Mautic offers marketers monitoring, lead management, social media management features as well as resources for creating landing pages and newsletters.

Social Media Marketing

Businesses can communicate with their community directly in Mautic. It is also possible to create lead lists based on hashtags, tags and keywords.

Lead Management

The system offers a wide data basis for lead management – just like in other tools. Information on page views, clicks and more are used for lead scoring.

Email Marketing

Sending personalized newsletters to specific target groups has become a staple of marketing automation tools and is also one of Mautic's features. The tool tracks open rates, clicks and offers the option for follow up mails depending on customers decisions. The real highlight here is the unlimited number of mails that can be send at once. This means that Mautic might also be a viable option for businesses with a big customer base.


Forms can be adapted to a company's corporate design. There are many ways to gather information such as lists, registrations and many more.


An easy to use campaign management and drip program creation are among mautic's features. Promotions and events can be assigned to individual campaigns that leads will follow automatically during the nurturing process until they make a purchase.


Mautic creates comprehensive campaign reports so that marketers can continually optimize their activities.


Businesses have a great tool in mautic to pursue their digital marketing goals. It is on par with license-based vendors in many aspects. The fact that the tool can send out an unlimited number of emails is a real plus. However, the tool could definitely improve in terms of usability. Getting started with mautic requires an extended learning period.


The new General Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO) challenges many companies and website operators. In particular, the 3rd party tools you use have to be checked regarding their GDPR compliance. The marketing automation software Mautic in its standard form is not compliant with data protection as regulated by the GDPR. However, W4 has developed a plugin that will support your efforts in complying with the GDPR. This is a generic plugin that requires the Mautic version v2.13.1. The plugin is provided without warranty. 

Anonymization of Users' IP addresses
Opt-out of tracking user behavior
Opt-in for tracking user behavior
"Do Not Track"-Option of the browser
Access Log

Once the plugin has been installed, you will find the settings in the Mautic backend under Configuration> DSGVO / GDPR:

Einstellungen Mautic DSGVO-Plugin

  • Anonymize IPAll IP addresses added to the system are anonymized, i.e. they cannot be traced back to individual contacts.
  • Disallow tracking of contacts by IPContacts can not be tracked on the basis of their IP address.
  • Respect opt out via cookie "mtc_do_not_track"As soon as a user has opted out of tracking, their online behavior will no longer be tracked and stored in the Mautic system.
  • Respect "Do not track"If a user of the web application has activated "Do Not Track" in his browser, this will be taken into account and his online behavior will not be tracked by Mautic.
  • Segments to anonymizeSpecify how many digits of the users' IP addresses should be set to 0.
  • Disallow tracking of contacts by device fingerprintA contact is not tracked by fingerprinting.
  • OptOut Cookie nameName of the cookie. This can also be changed. However, cookies that have already been created can no longer be read after a name change. This means that users who have already objected to tracking will have to do so again.

Not included:

  • Merging anonymized and identified contacts
  • No tracking takes place when "Do Not Track" is activated in the browser even when there is an active opt-in for tracking
  • Opting out of tracking does not exclude tracking of email opening and click rates
  • It will continue to set a PHP session cookie, which is not used for tracking

With the acquisition of the MAUTIC DSGVO-PLUGIN, you acquire a time-unlimited license. It is therefore important to know, what our license agreement grants you and what not.


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