Customer data platforms (CDPs for short) are the future of personalization. They allow companies to collect and store large amounts of data about their customers in one place and generate personalized experiences based on the collected data. This is a powerful marketing tool and companies that use it will be more successful than those that do not.

E-shops in particular are real gold mines when it comes to customer behavior and transaction data. Every time a (potential) customer visits your shop, you learn more about their interests, needs, consumer behavior and habits – and gather valuable insights for future marketing campaigns.


With its customer data platform (CDP) specifically designed for online shops, and the marketing automation tool connected to it, Sales Manago has developed a software that enables the AI driven collection, storage and analysis of large amounts of data. It supports primarily B2C companies in the field of e-commerce by translating the customer data that comes in daily via their online shop into targeted personalized marketing campaigns. This can increase your ROI – on a fair price-performance ratio. Not only can you manage the valuable customer data from your native shop app with Sales Manago. The software can also be used as an on-premise solution that can be set up on your own server if desired.

360 Degree Profiles

The Sales Manago CDP impresses with its detailed evaluation of behavior and transaction data from your online shop. The AI sorts the data in real time into individual 360 degree profiles. This allows you to manage your contact data in a single place – and, above all, use it for personalized marketing campaigns.

360 degrees, that means:

The collection and storage of first, second and third party data from all channels (web, app, etc.) linked to your e-shop, their AI driven analysis and classification and the prediction of customer behavior based on the analysis.

The advantages for your online shop:

→ You learn in detail when, where and how your customers interact with your shop: Every step in the customer journey is documented and filed.

→ You get a sharp picture of your customers: All data that enters your shop (via app, web, email, etc.) is centrally combined in a profile and neatly presented.

→ The customer data analyzed by AI is the optimal pivot for your personalized marketing campaigns and processes – and thus for the success of your online shop.


The data from the 360 degree profiles enable you to personalize your sales processes and address your customers directly – a must of modern online marketing. Accompany the complete customer journey by providing your customers with the right personal offer at the right time via the right channel. You can tailor this content to past and current buying behavior through the AI analyzed user data. 

Deep behavioral profiling:

The Sales Manago software tracks and stores all customer interactions in your online shop, e.g. zooming and changing product images, selecting color or size, reading reviews, checking availability in the offline shop, etc. 

Dynamic content:

The software learns which products your customers are interested in, which communication methods and channels they prefer and at what time they are receptive to offers. The integrated automation options make it easy for you to respond promptly and efficiently. This dynamic content rescues abandoned shopping carts, promotes cross- and up-selling and makes related products more visible.

Personalize with Sales Manago e.g.:

  • Website content
  • Direct messages
  • Email subject lines
  • Message delivery time
  • Message sender data
  • Conditional expressions

Sales Manago is a comprehensive CPD and marketing automation platform that stores the vast amount of customer data generated daily in your online shop and processes it for all your marketing activities. We support you in getting the best out of your e-commerce business with Sales Manago – contact us, we will be happy to advise you!



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