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Maintaining the image and video files of a website can be very tedious. They often need to be scaled so as not to slow down the load speed of a web page. Or they have to be uploaded multiple times in multiple resolutions for various devices. In addition, it can be complicated and time consuming to implement and maintain adequate image management. Websites with integrated online shops often have a lot of visual material that needs to be updated regularly. Investing the resources to create and implement an in-house system to facilitate file management is not necessary thanks to Cloudinary: the cloud-based image and video management solution greatly simplifies your file management to give users a seamless, fast web experience.

Cloudinary is available as "Software as a Service" (SaaS) from the cloud. The software and the IT infrastructure are operated by an external IT service provider and you receive the service without using your own resources.

Cloudinary is the market leader in cloud-based image management. The service provides developers with an end-to-end solution for all image-related requirements of an application. This allows you to save resources and focus on your core business.


Automate your image and video management

A picture is known to tell more than 1000 words, which is why online marketing heavily relies on images. They convey entire stories, emotionalize products and service and are also suited to illustrate complex issues. Creating and managing multiple images in various formats and solutions as well as implementing a deployment logic can be very challenging. Cloudinary optimizes and simplifies your image management. The Cloudinary plug-in allows you to upload, save, manage, edit and create various versions of images. To make this even easier and more straight-forward, W4 developers have enhanced the functionality of the Cloudinary plug-in to ensure mobile optimization (responsiveness): using the W4 Coudinary solution, images will always be displayed perfectly on every screen size as they will actually be loaded in the appropriate size, which reduces website load speed a great deal.

The files are delivered via a Content Delivery Network (CDN), which benefits the load speed of your web pages a lot. Cloudinary can deliver your content through a CDN even in China, an absolute must for companies that want to gain a foothold in the Middle Kingdom. Expandable APIs and webhooks enable improved integration with applications such as Content Management Systems (CMS) or Product Information Management (PIM) systems.

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W4 is an official Cloudinary partner.

We are happy to advise you in detail on the Cloudinary solution and the various options that our plugin offers for the optimization of your image and video management. Get in touch!



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