Design-Sprint Workshop

How to solve big problems and put new ideas into action within 3 days.

Entrepreneurs all deal with the question: "Which efforts are best to focus on and where do you start?"
An even bigger question is usually this: "How many meetings does it take to find the right solution?"

Google's Design Sprint method solves this problem and gives you answers ten times faster than traditional methods.



Find out which idea has the most potential.
Test your idea before you invest in development.


You want practical results, not just certificates?

The Design Sprint system was developed by Google. Startups, Fortune 100 companies and non-profit organisations use the system to find fast and effective solutions in e-commerce, healthcare, finance and more.

From developing an idea to creating a working prototype, the Design Sprint process is the fastest and surest way to find a solution within a week!

From our practice for you

At W4, the focus is always on practice. That's why we offer you a customised design sprint of three days. One day is too short, whereas within three days you can learn the essential steps of a sprint and achieve constructive results. You even save two days, as a sprint normally takes five days.

Would you like to:

  • Develop a new product or service?
  • Change, expand or add features to a product or service?
  • Optimise your product or service?
  • Create a new website or marketing campaign?
  • Launch and test a new business idea?


Who should be present

The ideal number of participants in a design sprint is 4-7 people.

Different roles are defined in the Design Sprint workshop.

There are also other important key roles among the members:
The facilitator, designer, decision maker and a person from the core of the company (marketing, content, operations, etc.).


A Design Sprint consists of members with different functions. This allows tasks to be viewed from different angles.

The workshop takes place in a team, is practice-oriented and designed in such a way that a concrete prototype emerges from your abstract idea within only three days. This allows you to test it in practice very quickly.

Whether you are planning your next software project, your new service or a marketing campaign: with the Design Sprint Workshop we will put you on the road to success!




The Design Sprint takes place in six phases:

Design_SprintsUnderstand: Discover the challenge, business benefits, audience, motivation and success metrics.

Define: We define the key issues and the long-term goal to be achieved. In doing so, we will set realistic goals.

Outline: Instead of brainstorming, we use a deeper system so that each individual can outline their own detailed solution. Using the 4-step method, we also encourage critical thinking.

Decide: Now we have a variety of solutions. Instead of endless debate and decisions that satisfy no one, we use a 5-step method to identify the best solution. We convert this into a step-by-step guide to a prototype.

Model: We design and build a prototype that can be verified by the user.

Validate and test: Conduct 1:1 tests with 5-6 people from the target group.

The most important knowledge

  • Results from the Design Sprint workshop (notes, user journey maps, storyboards, information architecture diagrams, etc.)
  • Prototypes created during the design sprint
  • Report on the usability tests with results (supported by test videos)
  • A plan for the next steps
  • Validation and rejection of hypotheses before resources are allocated to create the solution

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Where does the Design Sprint Workshop take place?

We come to you

Our advantageous offer for you: We conduct the Design Sprint Workshop directly on site in your company (in the whole of Switzerland, in Germany, in Austria or in Slovakia).

We invite you to come to us

We offer the Design Sprint Workshop in Baden (near Zurich) in Switzerland. Our premises offer space for up to 16 participants. Comfort and a pleasant ambience are provided. You can reach us in just three minutes' walk from the train station.

No matter what you choose - whether at one of our locations or at your company - there are no additional costs.

We turn the workshop into your event

Whether in a hotel conference room or in other premises - we are agile and mobile: throughout Switzerland, in Germany, in Austria or around Bratislava in Slovakia.

Locations W4 Workshops


This workshop is available in English and German.



Our experience has shown that a three-day design sprint is an optimal amount of time to work as efficiently as possible. In 80% of cases, three days is just right.

Costs of the workshop

Our prices are for the whole group, not per person.
We can accommodate 3 - 9 people in a workshop, larger groups on request.
Price for a group of 3 - 9 people: 10,500 CHF / EUR

Your contact person

Sarah Wilhelm
Sarah Wilhelm
+41 44 562 49 39
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