Lego Scrum Workshop

A Scrum simulation workshop with Lego bricks!

  • Do you want to improve your Scrum process?
  • Do you want to learn Agile and Scrum with zero risk?
  • Do you have no idea about Agile and Scrum and want to try it?

Why a Lego Scrum workshop?

To understand Agile and Scrum you have to do it. The best method is an action workshop developed by Lego4Scrum. You and your team can go through the Scrum and Sprint process with real, hands-on, Lego fun!

What is Agile and Scrum?

You have to react quickly, be innovative within a very short time and react competently to changing conditions. Agile can help you achieve this. To be an effective agile team, Scrum is the proven way.

Practical experience

Our "Serious play" Lego4Scrum Workshop simulates Agile and Scrum Sprints, in which you build a real Lego city in a Scrum team.
In an entertaining way you will learn quickly and easily how to build Scrum systems with different agile Scrum teams.




You want practical results, not just certificates?

Every day we use Scrum in our company, W4. We look back on 25 years of project experience, which is reflected in our Scrum and marketing courses. We are able to rely on a wide range of experience, as our customers are located in various industries.

In our Scrum workshops you can immediately put theory into practice.

You receive immediate results and not just a certificate for your participation.


  1. You are part of a software development team, either as a developer, or manager, and want Scrum training or to improve your Scrum team velocity and productivity.

  2. You want to convert to an Agile Scrum team, and need training for all the team members (See also our Scaling Scrum workshop).

  3. You want a fun and collaborative event workshop for your team to practice better teamwork.

  4. You do not work with Agile, but you work with people that are Agile, and you want to understand their terminology and how they work. A Lego4Scrum simulation game is the best way to learn scrum.

  5. You want to explore if Agile / Scrum will help you or your business (Software or non-software).




  • Lego Serious Play, Lego4Scrum workshop training
  • The story of scrum in Japan, and the guiding principles
  • Practical games to learn what PLAN and CHECK during a sprint mean.
  • Why teams win over individuals?
  • Why multi-tasking wastes time?
  • When is something “done”? (Definition of Done in User Stories)
  • Internal and stakeholder roles (Product Owner, Scrum Master, etc)
  • Creating a Sprint Backlog
  • Planning a sprint
  • Estimating sprint tasks with “Story points”
  • Build a Lego brick city with a team in 1 hour, and experience a Scrum Sprint
  • Coordinating with separate teams on one project
  • Reviewing a sprint, the Demo, and improving the next one
  • Understanding your own team’s Agile methods, and create an action plan to use in your company

Key take-aways of the Lego Scrum Workshop

  • Experience your team like never before. Some say they learn more about their team in 1 hour than in 1 year of regular team training.
  • Understand Agile and Scrum from the roots – learning by doing
  • Confidence and knowledge. You can now start, and finish, an Agile sprint on any topic.
  • Apply Agile Scrum principles to all areas of life and work.


From our experience and for your success

W4 offers you Scrum workshops that work and produce results. Our daily experience with Scrum helps you to achieve success. Learn Agile and Scrum from people who not only teach it, but apply it themselves.

If you want to understand Scrum better and get an insight into the Scrum principle from people who apply and understand Scrum in the real world, come and see for yourself.

With us you won't expect boring sitting around or working through multiple choice questions. Our goal is that you can put your acquired knowledge into practice and apply it. As a bonus you will receive a certificate from us!


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We come to you

Our special offer for you: We conduct the workshop directly on site in your company - in Switzerland, Germany, Austria or Slovakia.

There are no additional costs for you: Whether at one of our locations or in your company.

We invite you to visit us

We offer the Workshop in Baden (near Zurich) in Switzerland. Our workshop facilities can accommodate up to 16 participants. Comfort and a pleasant atmosphere are provided. You can reach us in only three minutes on foot from the main train station.

We bring the workshop to your event

Whether in a hotel conference room or other premises - we are agile and mobile.

Locations W4 Workshops


This workshop is available in english and german.



The training last one day with breaks in between.

Workshop pricing

Our prices are valid for the whole group, not per person.
We can accommodate 3 - 9 people in a workshop, larger groups on request.
Price for a group of 3 - 9 persons: 3.500 CHF / EUR

Your contact person

Sarah Wilhelm
Sarah Wilhelm
Managing Director W4
+41 44 562 49 39
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