Scaling Scrum Workshop

Large-Scale-Scrum means agile Scrum and can be used by several teams when working together on a product.

We offer our Scaling-Scrum-Workshops directly at your location or also with pleasure at our premises in Zurich, Bern, Basel and throughout Switzerland, Germany and Austria.


The purpose of scaling scrum workshop

To effectively implement Scrum at Scale takes more than a one day workshop.

The goal of our workshop is to guide you through the different types of Scaled Scrum frameworks and help you choose the best system to implement into your company.

We will present various case studies, advantages and disadvantages of each system, and then work with you to decide which system will best fit your situation.


You want practical results, not just certificates?

You are a big company, with big projects.
Scrum teams are usually small groups of 4-7 people working in Sprints to deliver a working product at the end of each sprint.
But what happens when you have 100 people in your company working towards common goals? How can you leverage the benefits of Agile Scrum?

Large Scale scrum is an organized system to scale agile scrum in order to get multiple teams all working together towards common sprint goal deliverables in the context of large companies, or multiple outsourced scrum teams.
It sounds easy, but in practice it can be complicated and fail without the right systems and rules in place.

We are here to guide you into implementing the scaled agile scrum process.


  • Individual and team exercises to apply best practices
  • Overview and Principles of 6 different scaled scrum frameworks
  • Focusing a system on Customer Value and Feature Teams
  • Defining the product and Definition of Done, and what are the impacts.
  • Feature Team Map
  • Roles of Product Owner, Area Product Owner, Scrum Master, individual Scrum teams, Management and the product backlog.
  • Product Backlog Refinement, Sprint Planning, Review and Retrospective
  • Organizational impacts of the various scaling scrum framework structures.
  • How to manage cross-team collaboration and sprint release planning with ten, hundreds or thousands of team members
  • Backlog systems to overcome problems when scaling
  • Measure and improve key Scrum metrics
  • Sessions to explore Scaling Scrum in your situation.


Key take-aways

  • You will come away with tools and strategies to.
  • Improve and fix any current scrum practices.
  • Know when and how to scale.
  • The tools and knowledge to start implementing a scaled scrum framework.
  • Know what key roles are needed and what they should do.

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We come to you

Our special offer for you: We conduct the workshop directly on site in your company - in Switzerland, Germany, Austria or Slovakia.

There are no additional costs for you: Whether at one of our locations or in your company.

We invite you to visit us

We offer the Workshop in Baden (near Zurich) in Switzerland. Our workshop facilities can accommodate up to 16 participants. Comfort and a pleasant atmosphere are provided. You can reach us in only three minutes on foot from the main train station. 

We bring the workshop to your event

Whether in a hotel conference room or other premises - we are agile and mobile.

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This workshop is available in English and German



The training last one day with breaks in between.

Workshop pricing

Our prices are for the whole group, not per person.
We can accommodate 3 - 9 people in a workshop, larger groups on request.
Price for a group of 3 - 9 people: 3,500 CHF / EUR

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Sarah Wilhelm
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