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A workshop for those who want to expand their business with more visual and direct marketing activities.

2021, TikTok’s  users has passed the 1 billion mark and over 20 billion video views, covering more than 150 countries and regions around the world. It is the largest short video platform in China. TikTok's overseas version downloads have exceeded 2 billion. In the first quarter of 2020 alone, it reached 315 million downloads.

What is TikToK?

TikTok is a social short video platform with about 400 million people sharing videos every day. Except for private users, a large amount of businesses are getting involved in TikTok, making TikTok a frontier for short video content marketing.

Why is TikTok so successful? 

Many social media platforms that launch these days find only minimal success, but in the middle of all that, TikTok has found the power to stay and grow. The secret? TikTok has built their system with the power for videos to go VIRAL.

Another key to TikTok’s success is cross-platform promotion. Users can share videos on Twitter and Instagram. Not only does this accelerate the rise of viral TikTok videos, it also helps drive new users over to TikTok.

TikTok Marketing – Best Pracitce

For B2C companies TikTok is a world of opportunities. Many large and small brands are leveraging the power of the “challenge format” to gain brand exposure with hashtags.

A great example is the company Cookie Bros, who doubled its 2019 sales in just four months and received national listings from supermarkets such as Rewe or Edeka - thanks to innovative TikTok marketing.

Other examples of more standard brand awareness can be seen in the AXA Switzerland channel which posts a stream of entertaining videos, all designed to boost brand awareness.

Another excellent example of successful low-budget marketing is BMW, the Bavarian automobile company. They launched the hashtag campaign #the1challenge, which encourages TikTok users to post short videos of themselves showing off their best dance moves with the BMW Series 1.


Freestyle or Choreo whats better ? 🤗 ##THE1challenge ##BMW ##The1 ##patrox

♬ Originalton - patroxofficial

Why should your Company use TIKTOK?

  • TikTok has already 400 million daily active users and the number is growing rapidly.
  • Users of TikTok are the current and future main consumers.
  • Strong cashability of TikTok has attracted more and more companies.
  • TikTok Ad and Service system enables precise marketing campaigns.
  • The coming 5G will boost the development of video platforms, prepare now!

To date, TikTok is mainly used by private individuals, influencers and some celebrities. This makes the level of trust high and the engagement rate even higher. A message sent on TikTok has a much greater impact than a message sent on Instagram. Why? Because Instagram is already deep in the marketing game. So far, TikTok is largely unaffected. The first companies to start on TikTok will therefore be able to easily build lasting relationships. A study found that more than 50 % of all consumers interact with a brand after watching a video they posted on social media (Brightcove, 2019).


Key take-aways

  • Strong understanding of TikTok
  • How to initiate a cold startup of a TikTok account ?
  • What kind of content will gain traffic? Which content is suitable for you and your company?
  • How to increase the user engagement with data-driven and refined operations?
  • Profound understanding of China’s current video socialization
  • Customized TikTok marketing strategy

We will introduce how to develop your TikTok Business account, content creation preferences, the algorithm of TikTok operation and how to launch a campaign or introduce your product. Together we will develop a customized TikTok marketing strategy for your company, which includes more than three different kinds of marketing and advertising activities and will help position you in one or more of the TikTok key areas to increase your company’s brand awareness and products.

Furthermore, if you are interested, you will learn how you can connect with the Chinese speaking market, and what creative options are currently available.
W4 Agency, as an established marketing company in Switzerland, with branch offices in China, will guide you in discovering the huge potential of TikTok for your business.


Companies that want to increase their brand awareness.

Companies that want to introduce new products and solutions, and plan to launch campaigns.

Companies that want to know all about TikTok ad metrics and operation.

Companies that want to generate and direct more traffic with TikTok live (especially based on events and exhibitions).


We visit to you

Our advantage for you: We conduct the TikTok for Business Workshop directly on site in your company (throughout Switzerland, Germany, Austria or Slovakia).

We invite you

We offer the TikTok for Business Workshop in Baden (near Zurich) in Switzerland. Our premises offer space for up to 16 participants. Comfort and a pleasant ambience is provided. You can reach us in only three minutes by foot from the train station. 

No matter what you choose - whether at one of our locations or in your company - there are no additional costs.

We turn the workshop into your event

Whether in a hotel conference room or other premises - we are agile and mobile: throughout Switzerland, in Germany, in Austria or around Bratislava in Slovakia.


Our workshops are also available online.

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This workshop is available in English and German.



The workshop takes one day.


Our prices are valid for the whole group, not per person.
We can accommodate 3 - 9 people in a workshop, larger groups on request.
Price for a group of 3 - 9 persons: 3.500 CHF / EUR.

Pricing online-workshop

We would like to support your company in these times and therefore offer our online workshop at a group flat rate of 2.500 CHF / EUR for groups of 3 - 9 persons.


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