The Easter season is something special. It stands for tradition, family, human togetherness and also in communication with customers and business contacts, marketing managers think every year anew about how they can bring a bit more closeness, joy and appreciation into communication.

We are pleased to have been able to support our customers Synlab and the Kantonsspital Baden this year in setting up an individual Easter game for their customers and employees. With individual designs we were able to create 24 and 12 doors respectively, behind which the visitors could find company-related questions as well as quiz questions about medicine, information about the sponsors and the daily competitions.

The more than 5,000 participations and almost 194,000 clicks illustrate how high the addiction factor was to come back the next day, curiously open the little door and find out what there is to read or win "today".

The goal was to find the Easter bunny, who hid behind a different door every time the browser was reloaded. The number of clicks per session was counted via a counter. The fewer clicks it took to find the bunny, the better the chance of winning. Here it was important to avoid wrong answers to the quiz questions, otherwise one collected among other things a penalty point. The players could of course chase the hare as often as they wanted.

We set up the Easter game in German, French and Italian using the game tool developed by W4, which has a user-friendly and easy-to-maintain backend.

We are already looking forward to Easter 2023 and the search for the Easter bunny. By the way: There are other gamification solutions that you can book with us.

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