w4 Betting game Was Highly Successful

Ready, steady, goal! Every four years, football fever breaks out worldwide. Betting games has become a popular trend among friends and colleagues: the next day, people evaluate and compare how well they did and predict the results of the next matchday.

A betting game is also an excellent marketing tool that delights customers, partners and employees alike. W4 has developed an online betting game for this year's Football World Cup, which companies could use according to their objectives for employee or customer loyalty. Every company could adjust the design according to their own ideas. The response was huge: over 13,000 participants made 484,388 predictions. And we can say with pride: Our servers were available at all times, the operation was absolutely trouble-free.

Apart from the stability of the service, there were a number of other advantages: Each betting game got its own Internet address and offered easy-to-implement options. Each company was able to individualize the betting game according to its brand. Social media profiles could be integrated as well as banner ads.

At the same time, the organizational and technical effort for participating companies remained low: Support for participants is included as well as the hosting. Moreover, the services is available in different languages and customer data is made available during and after the tournament. We also supported companies marketing the betting game by means of target group-specific Facebook campaigns.

Whether as access-restricted betting game for employees or as a marketing tool for customer loyalty: The W4 prediction game was a complete success. We are already looking forward to the European Tournament 2020!