WebFrontend for the stock management software run by logistics and warehouse specialist Welti-Furrer

Founded in 1838, Welti-Furrer is one of the oldest transport enterprises. What began over 180 years ago as a small horse and cart company in Zurich is now a reliable partner for local and international transport. As a specialist for individual logistics solutions, Welti-Furrer uses its expertise and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that private and business relocations, art transports and heavy-lift logistics run smoothly. 

The challenge: Heavy transports, simple solution

The execution of complex relocations and sophisticated storage is everyday business for Welti-Furrer. Only the digital process remained somewhat rocky. The logistics expert lacked a solution for the simple placement of online orders through its end customers. So, the assignment for the W4 developer team was to create a web frontend for the warehouse software that would allow end customers to place orders independently. The functional focus was primarily on entering and managing orders and the inventory. In close cooperation with the software company xs informatik (formerly es promotion), our developers got started with the agile project.


The technical realisation

With input from W4, xs informatik provided the basis with the Application Programming Interface (API). For this API, W4 developed a web frontend based on React and NodeJS that communicates with the warehouse management software from Welti-Furrer. It can therefore be understood as a programming interface that connects different software with each other. The web frontend uses the API to exchange data with the warehouse management software. Practically speaking, this means that Welti-Furrer's end customers can place orders via the web frontend, which are then transmitted to the warehouse management software via the API and further processed by Welti-Furrer. The web frontend was created on the basis of NodeJS and React. Ant Design was used as the design framework - a library that provides various components for digital user interfaces. In order to offer Welti-Furrer's customers a coherent branding across different touchpoints, the web frontend is customisable to the corporate identity.


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React is a JavaScrip library that can be used to develop interactive user interfaces.


ExpressJs is a backend framework for NodeJS that facilitates and accelerates web frontend development.


Node.js is a developer tool that is primarily used to process and deliver data in the backend. In the example of Welti-Furrer, Node.js integrates the API of the warehouse management software, which enables the web frontend to exchange placed orders with the warehouse software


Docker is an open source tool that provides containers to isolate the application from the operating system. This allows the web frontend to be operated on different server technologies - independent of the operating system.

Ant Design

The web frontened was created with Ant Design, using various components of the framework for the user interface.