Odoo transforMS wps4digital'S BUSINESS PROCESSES


The wps4digital AG designs and creates digital and analogue communication campaigns with text, images and video for well-known Swiss retail companies such as Coop, Landi, Lidl, Pistor and many more.


wps4digital AG was founded in 2023 and took over business operations from WPS medienservice AG, which had existed for many years. With this takeover, the previously used systems had to be replaced, and the whole structure was redesigned. The goal was to find a solution that would cover as many business processes as possible at once and take into account the still tight budget of the newly founded company.


Over the years, WPS medienservice AG had accumulated many different systems, which individually fulfilled their purpose, but did not provide a complete overview due to a lack of interfaces. This made it difficult to create meaningful reports and spiked the total licence costs. The priority was therefore to reduce these costs, link the business processes with each other and provide a better overview of important key figures.


Odoo Enterprise proved to be the ideal choice for this. The comprehensive suite of apps covers all business areas, from CRM, sales and project management to HR, expense reporting, financial accounting, licence management and helpdesk.


  • Out-of-the-box functionality of Odoo: wps4digital was able to benefit from the numerous standard functions of Odoo without having to make any customisations. This saved costs and development time. We were also able to start onboarding quickly.
  • Free hosting and reduced licences: Using the standard functions without any custom programming, wps4digital benefits from free hosting and reduced licence costs.
  • Simplified processes: Odoo optimises many manual processes, resulting in significant time savings and increased efficiency. For example, wps4digital has (semi-)automated time tracking and expense reports.
  • Improved transparency: Odoo's dashboards provides wps4digital with a comprehensive overview of the profitability of its projects and project progress. This enables the company to make informed decisions and optimise performance.
  • Scalability: Odoo is a scalable open-source solution that can keep pace with wps4digital's fast growth. The company can add new functions (apps) or increase the number of users at any time without worrying about the technical infrastructure in the background.


The implementation of Odoo was a great success. wps4digital was able to organise its processes more efficiently, improve transparency in the company's key figures and reduce its costs. Odoo has proven to be a reliable partner that supports wps4digital on its path to success.


Implementation of Odoo isn't just a system upgrade, it's a transformative change in the way we work. Thanks to W4's expertise in implementing Odoo, we are now better positioned to succeed as an independent entity.

Thomas Andres, Managing Director wps4digital AG

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