You have never seen a mechanical room like this

The illusion is perfect: One click on the PC and the interested salesperson, buyer or manager of a paper producer finds himself inside a virtual paper mill. With 360° views and insights, what otherwise pictures, texts and technical data sheets try to convey becomes tangible and visible: the comprehensive and smart cooling systems of the supplier BM Green Cooling from Germany, which specializes in industrial air conditioning. After it became clear that trade fairs and sales campaigns would have to be set up online for the time being, the company from Schwarzenbruck approached us. A virtual presentation form of their systems and solutions in a balanced relationship between interaction and information was desired and designed.

A 3D paper mill marks the center of the virtual showroom developed over the past months.  The visitor can walk around it by moving the mouse and can take a look inside at various interactive points by clicking. And that's where things get exciting, because in the Mechanical Room and Automation Room, the cooling experts install their systems that chill systematically. You move through the rooms - also using the mouse - and can explore the areas in 360° views. On this tour, which is offered for individual exploration, Green Cooling shows visitors at information points what they have to offer in terms of cooling: with text, images and video. Have you ever stood on the roof of a paper mill? Here's your chance:

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Additional interactions are also offered in the outside area. Interested visitors can find answers to typical questions and problems via the navigation bars; the CEO explains via video why his company is the one-stop-shop provider of choice for energy-efficient cooling systems and offers free slots for a consultation.

The virtual paper mill, named "Happy Paper Mill", was designed and developed by us as an extended custom solution of our standard digital showroom and set up with React. It runs on its own URL in cloud hosting and forms an interactive counterpart to the existing website. Via you can start the virtual tour directly. However, entering from the website via navigation point is also ideal for visitors coming over the website. Through connection to Google Analytics, sales and marketing have an overview of visitor numbers at hand and can coordinate campaigning around the showroom.

Bildschirmfoto 2021-06-11 um 15.22.30

We wish Green Cooling many visitors in the virtual showroom and interesting conversations with future customers and business partners.

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