Rebranding and website relaunch for Therme Zurzach with HubSpot

commissioned W4 with several major projects. In addition to the complete redesign and concept for the Fortyseven wellness spa, a website relaunch of Therme Zurzach was desired. The thermal bath is one of three large facilities in Switzerland and Germany operated by the foundation, and it is also the oldest. The baths have been completely modernised and digitalised - and this should also be reflected in the online presence. In contrast to the Thermal Spa Fortyseven in Baden, which was recently opened, the main focus for Therme Zurzach was a rebranding with regard to both content and appearance. 

The Challenge

The goal of SBZ is to provide the most modern and digital thermal baths in Switzerland. To achieve this, the backend and frontend systems had to be synchronised with each other in a practical way. The customers should not only enjoy a special experience in the spa, but also on the websites. Both Therme Zurzach and Fortyseven were connected to the TAC system in the course of digitalisation, which is used to manage all cash register systems, online shops, staff planning and also customer relationship management (CRM). In order to link the existing TAC system with the new website and HubSpot as a marketing platform and second CRM, W4 merged the data from both services for Therme Zurzach and prepared it for further processing, i.e. segmentation. In doing so, W4 was able to use synergies from the project for Fortyseven. The system architecture and the use cases could be adapted for Therme Zurzach as well.


Technical realisation with Google Cloud and HubSpot

To enable the exchange between the TAC system, which handles online ticket sales on the website, and HubSpot W4 had already created a customised concept for Fortyseven. While HubSpot was implemented as a second CRM and as a marketing platform, the new website for Therme Zurzach was created via HubSpot in collaboration with an external design agency. As with Fortyseven, the page structures and user journey were developed for mobile first followed by the desktop version at a later stage.

The main task, however, was to bring TAC and the new website together based on the same logic and architecture, which was possible through two interfaces (SOAP and Rest API). The W4 IT experts were able to develop an adapted solution for Therme Zurzach, similar to Fortyseven, using Google Cloud as middleware. This allows the data to be processed with services such as Firestore. This way, the data can be constantly synchronised with HubSpot customer data and processed for marketing queries. 

Zurzach Fortyseven Info GraphicThe use cases for successful marketing automation with HubSpot are based on the same system architecture as Fortyseven. In the future, additional marketing strategies will be developed for Therme Zurzach, tailored to the needs of visitors of the spa. The solution developed by W4 has the advantage that the system architecture between TAC and HubSpot can be used for both Therme Zurzach and Fortyseven. Both spas have their own interfaces, but work with the same mechanisms so that the use cases for marketing automation developed for Fortyseven are potentially applicable to Therme Zurzach as well. In this way, both spas benefit from each other's ongoing developments.

We are looking forward to future projects with Therme Zurzach!


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