Falcon Private Bank Ltd.

falcon private bank: efficient marketing solutions for agile private banking

Falcon Private Bank is a private bank with more than 50 years of experience in providing their clients with agile, intelligent solutions. From their headquarters in Zurich and offices in Dubai, London and Luxembourg, the combination of digital intelligence and personal commitment and skill is the driving force behind their expertise, making the Falcon Private Bank a pioneer in agile private banking.

Falcon is the first private bank in Switzerland, who provides their clients with blockchain asset management solutions. In order to offer optimized crypto currency management, a cooperation with Bitcoin Suisse AG has been arranged. Clients are thus able to manage their investments in crypto currencies and blockchain asset management with the help of Falcon, who makes sure that all relevant data is stored safely and securely.

Just like companies from other business sectors, financial enterprises rely on the creation of leads and online customer acquisition. However, digitalization and automation processes have to be introduced with particular cautiousness. Customer data is highly sensitive. In order to realize their vision of an optimized online presence, Falcon needed a professional partner, with whom they could develop and implement marketing solutions that would not only be efficient, but also guarantee absolute data safety.

Agile private banking with the open source marketing automation software Mautic

One of the reasons why Falcon decided to work with the open source marketing automation software Mautic is the high amount of flexibility it offers. Consequently, they asked W4 to help them with the implementation. W4 was responsible for the realization of Mautic, adjusted to the needs of the Falcon group. One of the main challenges was to install the marketing automation software in a way that would work well with already existent firewalls. Another important factor to consider during the set-up was to correctly install, organize and implement all Mautic instances on the company-owned servers of the Falcon Private Bank. Apart from this, our IT experts were able to organize manual settings according to Falcon’s specific needs and requests.

The implementation of Mautic as a marketing software was not least suggested because the security level of this software is outstanding. If any security gaps occur, they are spotted and fixed immediately. Mautic provides an on-premise solution that allows Falcon to store data on their own servers on site, which guarantees absolute data security. Consequently, they don’t have to rely on cloud solutions but always have full control of their own data. The perfect solution for optimized data safety! 

W4 has realized a total of three Mautic instances for Falcon, two of which are used as test systems to make sure that all applications, especially after changes or updates have been made, are running smoothly at all times, while one instance is used as the actual live system.

W4 was able to realize valuable marketing assets for Falcon thanks to the many possibilities that the marketing software Mautic offers. These include all functions that are required for the implementation of successful online marketing campaigns while guaranteeing maximum data safety at all times.

Efficient marketing campaigns with Mautic features

Mautic has excellent tools to manage the contact database. Leads can be generated and contact data collected by using individually configurable forms. All email marketing activities can efficiently be managed: the email feature allows users to design personalized emails and to track opening and click rates. The campaign tool is used to create, implement and monitor specific campaigns. All actions and results can be tracked and analyzed in one spot. The centralized data management simplifies the optimization of future campaigns and the efficiency of marketing activities in general. A detailed overview over all marketing activities can be found in the reports section of the marketing automation software; be it generated leads, email opening rates or traffic on specific pages. Campaigns can thus be quickly modified to optimize running campaigns as well as to gather knowledge for future campaigns.

Moreover, the newsletter subscription form has been created with Mautic in exact correspondence with the guidelines of Falcon’s corporate design, before integrating it in the company website via JavaScript. A permission campaign for the implementation of a subsequent double opt-in process has already been launched as well. This is necessary for the successful sending of newsletters and other marketing emails in the future. Once the double opt-in process has been established, it will allow Falcon to send contacts more information in order to eventually have the chance to convert them to customers.

The newsletter form is not the only form that has been realized by W4. At the moment, we are working on the development and the integration of a more specialized form, which is not readily available in Mautic. Consequently, our IT specialists have to work on customizations in order to guarantee that all requirements of the customer are being met. The individualized form is going to serve as a questionnaire, which will help Falcon to better advise clients with regard to blockchain asset management. The path of the questionnaire varies depending on the answers the user chooses, which means that dependencies have to be programmed and successfully implemented before the form can be integrated into the website.

Marketing automation

Know what customers want and manage campaigns effectively - marketing automation makes it possible.


As open source marketing automation software, Mautic offers marketers monitoring, lead management, social media management features as well as resources for creating landing pages and newsletters.