Hubspot and Typo3 for Compasso

Typo3 Meets HubSpot: Compasso's Path to an Integrated Digital Platform

In the realm of professional integration, Compasso has taken a leading role, providing comprehensive support to employers and employees in Switzerland, especially in cases where disabilities occur during employment. Through its expertise and a wide range of resources, Compasso facilitates the process of vocational integration and actively contributes to the promotion of inclusion in the labor market. In their mission to bridge current requirements and forward-looking solutions, the need for a user-friendly website and an efficient content management system that simplifies website management was essential.

the challenge

Compasso's website represented a key area for improvement: inadequate user experience caused by an unclear navigation structure and a cumbersome content management system. These deficiencies hindered not only user interaction and engagement but were also counterproductive in disseminating Compasso's core message of inclusion and vocational integration. Effective communication of this message and the online provision of their services were crucial to fulfilling their mission. It became clear that a significant overhaul was needed to reposition Compasso digitally, enhance the accessibility and comprehensibility of their offerings, and position the organization as a future-ready actor in the field of vocational integration. This necessary digital transformation aimed to address not only the technical and structural aspects of the website but also create a stronger synergy between Compasso's mission and its online presence. This is where we from W4 came into play.

Typo3 and HubSpot for Improved User Experience and Management

Technical Optimization: Typo3 Soft Relaunch

Our first step was to thoroughly overhaul the Typo3 CMS to strengthen the technical foundations of Compasso's website. The soft relaunch aimed to simplify user guidance through an intuitive design of the header, footer, and navigation, and to optimize the structural arrangement and content of the homepage. By integrating tailor-made modules, we also increased the interactivity and presentation quality of the website.


New modules on Compasso website

Improved Management with HubSpot CMS and CRM

To modernize the management processes and enhance the user experience, we opted to implement the HubSpot CMS. This platform provided us with the flexibility and user-friendliness that Compasso needed and enabled efficient and centralized data management through its connection with the HubSpot CRM. This step not only facilitated the maintenance and updating of content but also fostered deeper and more valuable interaction with the target audience. A significant aspect here was also the management of Compasso's events, which could now all be coordinated through HubSpot.

Marketing Automation and Event Management

The introduction of marketing automation features in HubSpot, such as marketing notifications and double opt-in processes, allowed us to refine Compasso's communication strategy and make it more targeted. Furthermore, we optimized event management with HubSpot, enabling Compasso to organize and promote their events more effectively. These digital advancements strengthened Compasso's entire communication chain and increased the reach and impact of their messages.

Marketing Automation and Event Management

This structured approach enabled us to meet both the technical and communicative requirements of Compasso and lay a solid foundation for their future digital activities. The synergy of Typo3 optimization and HubSpot implementation paved the way for a significant improvement in Compasso's digital presence, enhanced their online interactions, and effectively supported their mission in vocational integration.

THE result

The comprehensive redesign of Compasso's digital presence and the integration of HubSpot as a new CRM and marketing tool led to a fundamental transformation of their online communication and user interaction. The improved website, now supported by HubSpot's advanced features, not only facilitated access to information for users but also enabled more intuitive content management. By automating marketing processes and optimizing the user experience, the reach of Compasso's core messages was noticeably strengthened. This strategic realignment not only significantly increased user-friendliness but also created a solid foundation for future digital initiatives to further advance inclusion in the labor market. Ultimately, this step paved the way for Compasso to reach their target groups more effectively and pursue their mission of acting as a bridge-builder in vocational integration with renewed vigor.



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