Pestel Optik Website Relaunch & City light poster

Website Relaunch & City Light Poster - eye Catching on, and offline presentation

Young adults, families, and the elderly – the target group of Pestel Optik is as diverse as its choice of products. Addressing all clients and prospects simultaneously while stressing both the longstanding tradition and currentness of the company was a challenge that W4 gladly accepted. 


Website Relaunch
City Light Poster

The Client:

Pestel Optik is a family business in its sixth generation. For more than 180 years, the company helps its clients to clear their vision. Next to classic offers such as determining the right eyeglasses and adjusting contact lenses, Pestel Optik also offers its own collection of glasses and is a recognized expert for child optometry and hidden strabismus (Winkelfehlsichtigkeit).

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