New Pfiffner Website Facilitates Product Search

Industrial goods cannot be sold in online shops as easily as consumer goods. The investments are usually too high and require a great deal of consulting. Still, finding information about products is just as important. When looking to make an investment, purchasing agents and product managers show the same behavior as consumers. They research online before they contact a vendor.

The Pfiffner Group is a specialist for high, medium and low voltage products. Since Pfiffner is very successful, it has a pretty big product portfolio. That is why a clear-cut course on the Pfiffner website is a must. 

4 objectives were pursued with the new website:

1.present products in a user-friendly manner
2. make products visible via organic search (SEO)
3. link existing localized websites on the Pfiffner Group site
4. adapt the design of the site to the new look of the Group's print brochures


Simplified product search
Transparent Corporate Structure
Mobile marketing

In the age of smart phones, there is almost no way around mobile applications - thanks be to iPhone and Android.

Online communications

Websites, online stores, micro-sites, digital marketing, social media, SEM, and more - On-ine is the future.

Marketing Automation

Knowing customer's preferences to manage campaigns effectively - marketing automation makes it possible.


Typo3, the open source CMS system for managing on-line data. Quick, easy and uncomplicated.