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The Twerenbold Reisen Group is a Swiss travel company with many years of experience - it combines tradition and innovation. Under the management of the Twerenbold family for over 125 years, it now also includes other subsidiaries such as Vögele Reisen, Reisebüro Mittelthurgau and Imbach Reisen. The companies are experts in coach tours, river and cruise holidays as well as trips by plane, bike or on foot. As a modern company, the Twerenbold Reisen Group wants to rely on marketing automation in order to realise effective, targeted and therefore promising campaigns. The HubSpot marketing automation platform is ideally suited to this project and W4, as a HubSpot Platinum Partner, is the ideal service provider for this project.


The Twerenbold Travel Group wanted customised marketing automation via HubSpot for all its customer data from the various subsidiaries. 

One challenge was the integration of the Tourdata system with HubSpot using an API interface, which W4 supported the Twerenbold Travel Group with. Tourdata is a software for travel companies to process bookings and manage customer data. Thanks to the tool, customers of the Twerenbold Travel Group can make travel bookings via the company's website and employees can manage them in Tourdata. However, the software is not suitable for marketing campaigns and the newsletter tool previously used did not offer the companies in the group any opportunity for further marketing activities.

W4 therefore developed a comprehensive marketing automation concept for HubSpot for the Twerenbold Reisen Group. The customer data that now flows from Tourdata into HubSpot CRM (Customer Relationship Management) can now be used for a wide range of marketing measures.


Thanks to the interface between Tourdata and HubSpot, our customer's employees can access a sound, clean data basis via HubSpot to realise appealing marketing campaigns. As a true all-rounder platform, HubSpot offers everything needed for this - from CRM to the Marketing Hub with functions such as automated workflows and smart content for the personalisation of marketing assets to the creation of meaningful reports and dashboards.

We have started with the implementation of marketing automation for Twerenbold Reisen and Imbach Reisen. This will be followed by the creation of marketing automation assets for Reisebüro Mittelthurgau and Vögele Reisen. Among other things, the aim is to acquire and nurture leads and develop them into satisfied regular customers. The contact details for the newsletter registration are synchronised with the Tourdata booking tool and the bookings are transferred to HubSpot as "deals".

Newsletter workflow

The W4 marketing team reorganised the companies' newsletter registration process, created corresponding templates in the corporate design of the various companies and integrated a migration type test created by the customer into the newsletter welcome process. The workflow includes a longer period of time in which the engagement of interested parties is checked at certain intervals and further emails are sent to users fully automatically depending on the level of engagement. For example, the system checks whether a booking has been received 30 days after completing the hiking type test. 

The process is GDPR-compliant thanks to the automatically sent double opt-in email after the newsletter registration, which confirms the email address of the interested parties. This provides the group with a solid basis of contact details that can be properly contacted.

Workflow for catalogue ordering

Thanks to dedicated workflows, our team has automated the catalogue ordering process. Interested parties now receive an e-mail 30 days after ordering a catalogue if no booking has been received by then. In this way, the Twerenbold Travel Group shows commitment, responds individually to its prospective customers and can better evaluate the needs of the target group.  

Hiking type test

Our customer created the hiking type test mentioned above using Brame. Our marketing team integrated the test into various marketing campaigns in HubSpot. With the test, interested parties can find out what type of hiker they are and thus find the ideal hiking trip for them. After answering specific questions, they receive the result in which they are categorised according to their "hiking type". The findings from the test can be used effectively to fine-tune further campaigns. The Twerenbold Group's marketing team thus gains further valuable insights into the preferences of its customers and can use these profitably for subsequent measures.  

Furthermore, our customer can now clearly track and analyse all marketing activities thanks to the high-performance and detailed reporting, attribution reports and dashboards in HubSpot.


In order to be able to record fellow travellers in HubSpot alongside the booking customers and to make their important additional information usable for campaigns, our software integration team has set up custom objects - the so-called "travellers". These can now be used to record data such as the name, email or birthday of fellow travellers. Travel companies can use this information specifically for marketing campaigns, for example to personalise campaigns using smart content elements and thus get to know their target group better. 

For example, travel customers could be made aware of a gift idea for their fellow travellers by sending an email shortly before the fellow traveller's birthday.

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