If the second impression positively reinforces the first effect, the creators of a website have done everything right. We congratulate Pitcher on the shortly relaunched website and say thank you for the good cooperation during the implementation.

In the tenth year of its existence, the provider of sales-oriented software technology has redefined its digital footprint on an international enterprise level. After the campaign for the Super App already ran successfully, the comic hero with red cape created for it now also flies over the new Pitcher pages and exudes dynamism, power and winning spirit - all characteristics that successful salespeople combine with the right applications from Pitcher.

Bildschirmfoto 2021-05-19 um 16.15.44

Concept, design and the implementation of the new site in HubSpot were realized by and with us. The new pages and content appear clearly structured and are presented with plenty of dynamic elements and effects. The look & feel is balanced, positive, and has potential for quick brand recognition, which can force success, especially in international competition. Speaking of the brand, the previous sales app campaign was so well received that we worked with Pitcher during the concept and design phase of the website to perform an integrated rebranding of the brand. The elements of the campaign, such as logo design and storytelling with the comic hero, have now been anchored in the overall corporate design.

One highlight: the ROI Calculator. To measure the time and cost savings users can achieve with Pitcher, there is a handy ROI calculator directly online to create your own personalized report. It is a React-based tool where one enters business figures (e.g. cost of tools, cost of sales staff, etc.). Based on a defined stored algorithm, the application securely (via serverless functions) calculates the results and sends them to the person via email.

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Even if you can't look inside, allow us to say a few words about the backend: The new HubSpot CMS backend gives Pitcher's marketing managers new freedom and more creativity to design pages. All elements used are styled modules and can be easily integrated into new pages. Building pages should be fun!

For a kick-start in terms of SEO, we have optimized to the latest standards. From relevant tags, image optimization, lazy loading to the exclusion of unnecessary libraries during loading, the site is designed for relevance, speed and structure. It has been online since May and already performs better than the previous version.

To conclude: We built the website in heroic speed according to the customer's request within two months. Please have a look at

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