Website Services and WeChat Marketing for BMG LABTECH

BMG LABTECH is a global leader in biotechnology, known for its innovative microplate reader technology. These precision instruments are essential in various fields, from biological and biochemical research to pharmaceutical development, environmental analysis, and industries like food and cosmetics.

Since 2020, BMG LABTECH has trusted W4 for its digital endeavours. Initially engaged for HubSpot setup and website interface development, our collaboration expanded to bolster BMG LABTECH's presence in China. W4's APAC team facilitated website services like reverse proxy and crafted a WeChat Marketing strategy, enhancing BMG LABTECH's visibility in this vital market segment.

The Challenges: Navigating Visibility in the Chinese Market

BMG LABTECH sought a seasoned partner to spearhead its marketing initiatives in China. Collaborating with W4, BMG LABTECH aimed to optimise its digital footprint, navigating the intricate regulatory landscape and unique consumer behaviours of the Chinese market. In China, European websites often struggle to gain visibility, prompting W4's experts to undertake website optimisation tailored for Baidu, China's top search engine. This strategic move aimed to ensure BMG LABTECH's website achieves prominent rankings for relevant queries, bolstering its online presence and accessibility in China.

However, establishing business visibility extends beyond websites alone. In the digital realm, WeChat reigns supreme as China's premier platform. With its vast user base, WeChat is essential for companies aiming to establish a foothold in China. Recognizing this, BMG LABTECH sought a compelling presence on WeChat, leveraging its multifaceted functionalities to engage with Chinese audiences effectively.

The Solutions: Reverse Proxy & WeChat

Reverse Proxy

Addressing the unique challenges of establishing a digital presence in China, W4 devised a strategic solution to enhance BMG LABTECH's visibility in this dynamic market.

Beginning with the development of BMG LABTECH's Chinese website, W4 acted as a one-stop solution provider. From domain setup to SEO optimisation tailored for Chinese audiences using Baidu SEO practices, every aspect was meticulously handled. 

In late 2022, W4 implemented a reverse proxy solution to optimise the performance of BMG LABTECH's website in China. By procuring a Chinese domain (.cn) and deploying the reverse proxy, W4 ensured improved loading times and enhanced visibility. Acting as an intermediary, the reverse proxy seamlessly redirected content requests, enhancing user experience and bolstering BMG LABTECH's online presence.

This multifaceted approach ensures that BMG LABTECH maintains a robust digital presence and effectively reaches its target audience in China.

WeChat Marketing

WeChat, a multifunctional super app ubiquitous in China, serves as an essential platform for businesses aiming to establish a robust online presence in the country. Leveraging this powerful tool, W4 initiated and has been managing BMG LABTECH's WeChat account, overseeing all aspects of marketing, branding, and content strategies. 

In close collaboration with BMG LABTECH's marketing team, W4 devised comprehensive monthly, quarterly, and yearly content plans tailored to the preferences and behaviours of the target audience. These plans encompassed a diverse range of content formats, including articles, videos, and interactive posts, strategically crafted to enhance engagement and drive follower growth.

Moreover, W4 meticulously optimised BMG LABTECH's WeChat account to maximise exposure and attract a wider audience. By employing advanced marketing strategies and leveraging WeChat's robust analytics tools, W4 enhanced the discoverability of BMG LABTECH's content through targeted keyword optimization and audience segmentation. This approach not only increased the visibility of BMG LABTECH's brand but also facilitated meaningful interactions with potential customers, ultimately driving business growth and fostering brand loyalty in the competitive Chinese market.


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