Interface Development for BMG Labtech

BMG LABTECH is a global pioneer in the field of biotechnology. As one of the world's leading manufacturers of microplate readers, BMG LABTECH's products stand for innovation, quality and precision. A microplate reader is a laboratory measuring instrument used to measure chemical, biological or physical reactions, properties or analytes in microplates. In addition to biological, biochemical and pharmaceutical research, both in academic and industrial settings, plate readers are also used in environmental research, as well as in the food and cosmetics industries.

W4 is proud to have the company as one of its customers since 2020. Back then, it all started with the setup of HubSpot as marketing automation software. Satisfied with the pleasant and efficient cooperation, BMG LABTECH decided to work with W4 on many more projects.

The Challenges

Since the beginning of this partnership, W4 has been entrusted with several challenges for BMG LABTECH.

Interface Development with HubSpot 

BMG runs six subsidiaries of its own. In addition, in-house marketing and sales are carried out in the USA, Great Britain, Germany and Australia. However, the customer used two different customer relationship management systems (CRM). While the American location worked with Salesforce, the others operated with Microsoft Dynamics. To optimise the internal sales process, W4 used HubSpot as a lead generation tool. This way, the leads were passed on to Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics via an interface. Now BMG can view the data of all locations in a synchronised manner: Leads, contacts and deals can be effortlessly measured and displayed in descriptive reports. 

BMG also works with external distributors to sell its microplate readers. Here, too, the efficient transfer of leads proved to be a challenge. With the consulting services of W4, BMG was able to develop a solution - custom-installed automatisms. Even in the initial phase, BMG has been successful in passing on leads to its external distributors. In turn, the distributors can provide BMG with feedback on the respective contacts.

Website Relaunch with HubSpot CMS

To avoid a costly TYPO3 update, BMG decided on a website relaunch with HubSpot CMS. Even though it is a complex website in nine different languages and with more than 800 subpages, W4, as a certified HubSpot partner, was happy to simplify the content management for BMG. For this purpose, the company's content was linked to the HubSpot database, from where it is played out to the website frontend. A particular focus was on linking the application notes - BMG's scientific articles - with the products via the HubSpot database. Thanks to the precise linking, matching products are displayed for each article, which both improves the user-friendliness of the website and encourages direct engagement with the products.

Furthermore, W4's experts integrated the Algolia search service into BMG's corporate website. In connection with the tool Agenti, the search filter enables not only a simple search with keywords but also a complicated search that displays related content. This is because Agenti scans all page content and offers Algolia matching data based on this search. In this way, too, users can obtain holistic information, as relevant content is displayed in a meaningful way side by side.

In addition, W4 equipped BMG LABTECH's website with a live chat that is activated after the support team of scientists has finished their shift. In this way, the global company is available 24/7 in all time zones.

Online in China

To optimise the performance of the company's website in China, a reverse proxy was set up in late 2022. W4's APAC team first purchased a Chinese domain (.cn) to communicate with the reverse proxy. A reverse proxy is a device that mirrors a website at the content level and redirects it to a new dedicated domain/address with an optimised technical structure. It acts as an intermediary, routing multiple content requests from clients to servers distributed across the Internet. As a result, BMG LABTECH benefits from improved loading time and visibility in China. To further increase the company's visibility, a WeChat account was set up and since 2022 has been managed by the APAC experts, providing targeted content. In addition, the team continuously optimises the website for Baidu (SEO) - the most popular search engine in China.

Google Ads Management

W4 has also been managing BMG's Google Ads account since February 2023. Our search engine marketing (SEM) experts optimise and analyse ads based on defined goals. Thus, the team is responsible for highly budgeted advertising measures in nine different languages - all over the world. 

It has been a pleasure for W4 to work with BMG LABTECH, supporting the company in achieving its goals. W4 is looking forward to many more joint projects and would like to thank BMG for their repeated trust in their services.


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