Hoxell is a digital operations platform targeted at the hospitality sector to ensures smooth hotel operations: From housekeeping to maintenance to the restaurant sector, it provides seamless communication between departments and optimises operations and communication flows. The platform also improves the connection between staff and guests. 

Hotels, resorts, campsites and agritourism facilities use Hoxell to increase efficiency, optimise costs and create personalised guest experiences.

The Challenge

As part of its regional expansion, Hoxell not only pursued a broader presence, but also more efficient internal processes. The goal was clearly defined: to create transparent and smooth processes in order to maximise sales efficiency. To best achieve this, they were also looking for a stronger customer relationship management (CRM) system. Hoxell wanted an intuitive and powerful tool that would allow all team members to save valuable time on sales and marketing campaigns. In addition, the current work processes were to be improved and the sales funnel optimised in order to develop the best possible marketing automation strategy.

The perfect solution: HubSpot with Marketing Hub Starter and Sales Hub Professional!

Switching to HubSpot as a powerful CRM

Hoxell previously used the open source software vtiger CRM. The switch to HubSpot offered numerous advantages, including the desired, more powerful platform for more efficient sales and marketing activities as well as the possibility to make the entire sales process more transparent and optimise it through HubSpot's versatile tools.

Migration to HubSpot for increased efficiency and optimisation

The migration from vtiger to HubSpot was a decisive step for Hoxell towards more efficiency and optimised operations. Using HubSpot's Marketing Hub Starter in combination with Sales Hub Professional opened up new possibilities for automated marketing and sales processes. The software's integrated tools enable powerful automations, conversion of traffic to leads, analysis and optimisation of performance, as well as development of marketing campaigns and scaling of sales processes. 

At the start of the project, contacts from Hoxell's previous CRM had to be transferred to the HubSpot platform. Integrating this data created a solid foundation for the next steps. Working closely with Hoxell, W4 designed a customised sales process that supported the team in implementing and tracking sales activities.

Another focus was on defining and creating specific properties that enabled targeted data collection. These properties were precisely tailored to Hoxell's requirements and now provide valuable insights to effectively manage the sales process.

Sales coordination and reporting

Thanks to the complete migration of all data into HubSpot, a uniform and reliable information basis was created for Hoxell. This enabled the team to effortlessly create offers and contracts and to make the sales process significantly more efficient.

A meaningful sales report was introduced for the targeted monitoring of sales activities in order to precisely analyse sales development and make necessary adjustments, thus achieving the intended goals. The implementation of HubSpot Sales Hub Pro was another step in this transformation journey. Sales activities can now be efficiently coordinated and managed. The wide range of tools and functions not only optimised the sales process, but also laid the foundation for future growth.

In parallel, W4 as a certified HubSpot partner strengthened the Hoxell team through specific training to optimally exploit the full potential of HubSpot, especially Sales Hub Pro. The specialised training programme provided participants with the necessary skills to use the tools effectively and optimise their sales strategy at the highest level. 

The close partnership between Hoxell and W4 resulted in the desired improvements in sales efficiency and internal processes at Hoxell.

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