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Website Relaunch benefits clients and employees

As an international market leader, the relaunch the Kistler Group's internet presence is of interest around the globe. Usability is not only key for creating a pleasant user experience, but also for Kistler's employees. Its old website as well as the product and data management were all based on different software systems. Because of dependencies among the various software systems the synchronization and especially the publishing of content and products was a complex and time-consuming task. The whole system architecture was unstable to some extent and the complicated processes called for a thorough optimization

The W4 was in charge of the complete website relaunch. All illustrations and animations were realized by our multimedia department. The majority of content is based on interviews that we have conducted at Kistler's headquarters with individual product managers. In order to familiarize Kistler's employees with this new technology, we have also conducted trainings on Typo3, the product information and statistics tools.

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The Kistler Group is an international business with its headquarters in Winterthur, Switzerland. The Kistler Instrumente AG was founded more than 50 years ago. The group has grown continuously ever since. Today, Kistler is the global market leader in dynamic metrology and holds 30 corporations at 52 locations world wide. The extensive portfolio of the group covers various industries such as automotive research and test, industrial process control and sensor technology. Kistler develops sensors and systems for measuring force, torque, acceleration and pressure.


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