Old Becomes New: Professional Website Maintanance and Update

Is your website outdated?

Frequent error messages and a bulky structure are signs of an outdated website. As a result, content maintenance becomes extremely tedious for your employees. In some cases, a neglected homepage even poses a security risk. But do you still want to make a modern first impression on potential customers again that doesn't require a large investment to relaunch your website?

Then you have come to the right place.

Since 1994, we have been on the market and have realized over 1,000 website projects.

Through many years of experience, we are familiar with a great variety of technologies. Even with those that are rarely used today. It's a piece of cake for us to take over your website and make sure that you can work with the existing system for a long time. 

This is how it works


Simply book an hourly package and focus on your current business routine.

5 REASONS for the maintenance of your WEBSITE

  • Security gaps in old systems pose a high risk to corporate data.
  • Error messages are tedious and cost time.
  • The website is usually the first point of contact with your potential customer.
  • Search engines are constantly changing their logic: your website must remain up-to-date in order to keep being found.
  • New useful features are available.

Our Content Management Systems

Just give us some information, we'll get back to you and get started right away!

What Our Customers say about us

Happy customers will gladly return and become partners.

Excellent and Smooth project
W4 Marketing did a great job in all website projects that we had. They deliver timely and provide excellent expertise. Great work! We would find them to help other digital activities.

Website development, website migration, and website design

Anson L.

highly professional agency
We are more than happy to have W4 as our partner for our new website. They are highly professional, experts in digital marketing and most important: they know how to lead a challenging project. We appreciate this partnership and can recommend W4 as an excellent partner.

Website design and website development

Christian C.

I found the cooperation with W4 very helpful and goal-oriented. Communication was sometimes a little difficult, as most of the information had to be communicated via e-mail. I find the new website much more appealing than the old one and it has also become easier to use. The style of the website has also become much better.

Kellerhals Carrard
Demi R.